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What this Amendment is all about.

This referendum came about because a group of concerned citizens from Prichard and Chickasaw saw that they pay higher rates to get the same water from the same source that the customers of MAWSS use. In response to the grassroots movement, State Sen. Vivian Figures and State Rep. Napoleon Bracy co-sponsored an amendment to the Alabama Constitution that allows residents of Mobile County to vote on whether to dissolve the Water Works and Sewer Board of the City of Prichard and allow those customers to be served by MAWSS.

MAWSS encourages Mobile County residents to vote "Yes" on June 3. A "Yes" vote on the county-wide amendment promotes responsive service for everyone, improves the cost-effectiveness of water service and enhances opportunities for economic development.

Voters passed a statewide amendment in 2012 for MAWSS to assume management of the Prichard Water Works and Sewer System. Since then, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that a local amendment is required for the will of the voters to go into effect. The voice of the people must be heard again.

Vote YES on June 3rd for responsive service for everyone.

Our neighbors deserve the same high level of service that the residents of Mobile enjoy.
Rates for MAWSS’ existing customers cannot be raised to pay for the merger.

Vote YES on June 3rd for more cost-effective operations.

The close proximity of MAWSS to the Prichard System provides opportunities to share
resources and reduce expenses, making operations more cost effective for all.

Vote YES on June 3rd for expanded economic opportunities.

MAWSS will be able to extend water and sewer lines to areas not currently served in Prichard
and Chickasaw, which could help bring more businesses and jobs to the region.

The deadline for voter registration for the June 3rd election is May 23rd. You can register here. Then follow through with a vote.

Find your polling place here.

The deadline for absentee voting for the June 3rd election is May 29th. Request a form from the Mobile County Elections Office at (251) 574-6400 or by clicking here.